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How Taste Match works and what's behind it

We help you find the perfect restaurant, wherever you are. With a quick quiz, we determine your restaurant type based on your preferences, then suggest restaurants that fit the bill - all without any sponsored content. Dive into the true gems of the dining world with our help.
But Taste Match is more than just a recommendation tool; it's also a social network! Follow not only your friends but also your favorite chefs. Where have they dined? What are their go-to restaurants? Wondering what type suits you best? Take the quiz now and find out for yourself!

Would you like to join us on our journey and help us to bring Taste Match to life?

In the video for the successful “We Make It” campaign, Dave and Tobi explain what exactly Taste Match is all about and how you can help us on our journey.

Even after the crowdfunding, we still need your support. We want to involve potential users in testing on our way to the first version in Summer/Fall 2024.

You can test screens, ideas, and processes and provide us with important feedback that will directly flow into the implementation.

And the best part? You can be part of it right from the start, giving us valuable feedback and contributing your own ideas to shape Taste Match together.

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From idea to a start-up: the brains behind Taste Match

Dave and Tobi - that's us. Our friendship started 15 years ago playing floorball and has taken us on many adventures. One of them was a city trip to Munich, where we were looking for the ideal place for a Sunday brunch. Our research led us to the same tourist beer gardens over and over again. But we asked ourselves: Where do locals who have lived here for years go for brunch? This question was the basis for TasteMatch.

We wanted to create a solution that provided personal and authentic restaurant recommendations. And so, from a simple idea, the vision of Taste Match was born: an app that truly understands each individual's culinary tastes and delivers recommendations that are tailored to them.

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Christian Schlatter

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David Kilchenmann

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José Rindlisbacher

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